Dome Quails

We are a small quail farm based in the majestic Vredefort Dome Heritage area. As a family business we strive to satisfy our customers with excellent quality products. Specializing in the raising of quail and breading of young and laying hens.

Our birds are within secure buildings that have new constructional cages that allow the birds to gain a higher level where there is a choice of nest box a resting and roosting area with fixed perching for their additional comfort water and feed is fed daily, the chick hatchlings are kept warm in a fully lined rearing facility, once they are fledgling at 2-3 weeks they are often moved to a brooding facility on the farm, brooded to laying age in the tier brooding system for their security and growing comfort to prevent contamination of the chick shed.

We take great pride in our products please feel free to contact us for more information or if you would like to order from us.

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